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Introducing “Conversations with Pelumi”

I recently started a new project. In watching CNN, NBC, FOX and many other mainstream networks, I realized African voices are seldom sought on issues outside of Africa. So, a new project, Conversations with Pelumi, was born. The project seeks to fill this vacuum by creating a medium for African thought on topics that affect the global market place and not restrictive to Africa. For example, topics such as the European debt crisis, global warming, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, trends in the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week, etc.

Conversations with Pelumi” is a new half-hour interview talk show. It is a TV program designed to engage the global audience with the breadth and depth of young African minds on contemporary topics of sociopolitical and cultural significance.  Hosted by poet, author, and sociopolitical commentator Pelumi Olatinpo, it is a space for intelligent thought and honest conversations through one-on-one interviews and roundtable discussions.

Also, young Africans are making strides in diverse industries.  It is important that these efforts be recognized. This provides a unique platform to showcase these efforts in a serious yet appreciative environment.

**I am delighted to announce the premiere episode of “Conversations with Pelumi” on http://www.PelumiTV.com**


Join me and guests Jackson Mvunganyi (host of UpfrontAfrica), TMS Ruge of Project Diaspora, and Adewale Sogunro (a Writer) for a conversation on America. Among the topics for discussion are the recent US presidential election, the fiscal cliff facing the nation, America’s role in the world amidst talk of America’s decline, the Obama administration’s policies toward Africa, and more.

I look forward to you tuning in and sharing your thoughts on the program.  I invite you to “like” us on Facebook (Conversations with Pelumi) and follow us on twitter @pelumitv

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