“keith: Obama got Pat Buchanan’s vote tonight”I weahctd Obama and listened to Buchanan and Buchanan was full of crap since I don’t think that Obama came within a light year of MLK and other past orators.Obama stupidly noted that McCain was in Washington for 26 years while ignoring the fact that Biden was in that town for, I think, 34 years.Moreover, even though college degrees were historically useful when sorting the shaft from the wheat, they’re becoming common place and worth less especially due to .Honestly, I think that culture is shifting to other nations and Obama made no comments about how Americans could keep up with China and India (7 engineers there to one here) especially since we can’t read and write their languages. I don’t think that education is enough since math and science is something that needs to be started at an early age and the last generation weahctd TV and learned nothing so how can they help?So, fluff, fluff, and more fluff. The miracle will be, indeed, the situation that people start pursuing literacy again. Anything’s possible, I suppose.