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Burris A Disgrace in Old Age

burris__pic3I’m apoplectic!  In this space just weeks ago (Blagojevich, Burris v. U. S. Senate et al), I vigorously defended the right of an elder statesman of Sen. Burris’ stature to be seated by the United States Senate.  It didn’t matter I argued, if Gov. Blagojevich was as dirty and filthy as the earth on which he stood—no evidence of “pay-to-play” has been brought against the former state attorney-general. 

Now fast-forward to the 5th of February, after been sworn-in as a U. S. senator, 71 year-old Sen. Roland Burris produces an affidavit to the FBI stating his convenient omission of contacts with five known Blagojevich’s associates after a previous denial in sworn testimony before the Illinois legislature.

Sen. Burris admits in the affidavit of trying unsuccessfully to solicit funds from friends for Gov. Blagojevich’s campaign after been contacted by the governor’s brother, Robert Blagojevich, per his interest in a senate seat.

While it’s easy to believe the senator decided to inconveniently come out with the truth at this time because of his pureness of heart; the opposite must be believed to be the case.  Doomed by knowledge of the FBI possessing recorded conversation(s) between him and Robert Blagojevich, Sen. Burris decided he create the semblance of the statesman he’s been for the majority of his life.  

Sen. Burris must at once resign this senate seat.  While I vehemently argued in the past the injustice of having no Blacks in the United States Senate, the presence of one under a false and unscrupulous appointment is even more erroneous and unforgivable—a gross disservice to the people of Illinois and the Black community.

Sen. Burris understood he was tainted and corrupt once he chose to raise funds for the governor to gain consideration for a senate seat.  If this was a mistake, which he soon might have realized, he should have atoned for such by withdrawing his name from consideration and never accepting the appointment.  He knew this but went along to give no air of impropriety, especially in his well-orchestrated drama outside the U. S. Capitol once refused entrance into the senate chamber on January 6th.

For years Sen. Burris, you have been a model citizen of the state of Illinois and it is now time to make a disgraceful exit.  Your Chief-of-Staff has already resigned in the wake of these shenanigans; you must now follow suit and show the proper sense you refused to exercise right from the very beginning.

3 Responses to “Burris A Disgrace in Old Age”

  1. Jan VeeVee

    See, the itch that boggles my mind is the fact that most Politicians have an innate attraction to scandals and behind-the-door deals. Most people who lie, cheat, and steal do it because they think they are smarter that everyone (esp. us constituents). And because of this arrogance, they try to hide their corruption by feeding us “tax-free shopping weekends”and promises of tomorrow. And like the little puppets that we are, we fall in love with these promises… Or in Gov. Blag’s case…his hair!
    …With that said…I don’t think he should be impeached or tried simply because the crime does not fit. According to our Constitution, Presidents and Governors alike can only be impeached for committing “high” crimes (ie), murder, or a “watergate” kind of crime. However, Sen Burris should NOT be allowed to occupy that seat…if not for anything, at least for his pride!

  2. John Kircher

    Jann VeeVee conveniently forgets the second part of the statement, “high crimes and MISDEMEANORS”(a less serious offense), which should at least include a offense such as lying to Federal investigators for which Martha Stewart spent jail time. Of course, Democrats in the Senate would never convict Burris anymore than they would have convicted Clinton for his lecherous behavior in office or his lying under oath in court. The cost to their power and prestige is too high. Could that be because they have only convenient personal standards themselves?
    I suppose they are like the wife who was asked to compromise herself in exchange for a million dollars. Upon her reluctant agreement to the offer she was immediatly asked if she might consider a hundred dollers cash. Quickly scrambling upon her high horse she haughtly demanded what kind of a woman HE thought SHE was? “That’s already been established,” was the reply, “at this point we are just dickering on the price.”

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