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RestlessChronicles.com is a portal that provides polished, independent, and refreshing news analysis on sociopolitical and cultural events. Powered by a vision to challenge the status quo, this portal seeks to redefine how readers process and digest events that affect (and oftentimes dictate) activities of daily life – from the mundane to the international headliner.

I may be reached here: pelumi@restlesschronicles.com

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5 Responses to “About”

  1. Malcolm Barnes

    My Dear Friend,
    Having ‘joined’ you recently on Facebook and having chatted with members of Africa in Demand and visiting websites along the way, it thrills me to recognise your beautiful writing style. I am not a writer, although continually hunger for knowledge to make a difference to the lives of people; particularly in Africa, where huge injustice has occurred ever since the ‘white man’ and ‘church’ got involved.

    I will be reading you! Best Wishes, Malcolm Barnes.

  2. Toyin

    ‘Am impressed hon, keep up the good work dearest. See, I can give a compliment too.

  3. CHRIS A

    kindly check out siji’s stunning new album and video here;


    the album which features collaborations with King Britt & Rich Medina, is an esoteric blend of Soul, Highlife, Jazz, Afrobeat & electronica.

  4. Iyore Ekhator

    I am very impressed by your explicit knowledge of Nigerian’s history and its politics. Keep up the good work.

  5. Saji Ijiyemi

    Hi Mr. Pelumi,
    I’ve seen your blog and want to commend your excellent job. I would like a chat with you on the BIAZO magazine. I’m not sure if i have your correct number. You could send it to on saji.ijiyemi@gmail.com. Thanks.

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