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Gen. Obama Launches Brave Class-Warfare On American Soil

For decades now, audacious campaign rhetoric that championed the cause of the common American has been nothing but that—narcissistic campaign rhetoric.  The armored skies that envelop Washington, D.C. has kept the rich and powerful safeguarded from the intrusive cries and annoying agonies of a helpless masses.

So to this point to hear Gen. Barack Obama, now some weeks into his presidency, continue his barrage on the rich and powerful interests that cloak Washington D.C. is a downpour of soaking torrent from merciful heavens on a land that has gone too long without so much as a tear.

I heard Jeanne Cummings of Politico amidst all this rage “Class warfare returns to D.C.  She couldn’t be more right!  So right is she that I strongly urge her and her friends to take cover under any man-hole they may find in D.C.—this bombardment might just be very uncomfortable.

One of the better things that were said about the great American, Abe Lincoln, was that he was a man who identified with the people he led.  And since forever it seems, modern American times have lacked such a figure that was not only eloquent in words, but honest and powerful in deeds.

It is this ghost of Abe that Gen. Obama conjures in this latest cry of class-warfare from the rich and powerful.  There indeed has been warfare, only one can’t candidly call it class-warfare: it’s been more of “class-slaughter.”  It is warfare when the opposing side has a credible offense with which to fight.

For years now, the top 1 percent of American rich and powerful has been taking home over 20 percent of the national wealth leaving the remaining 99 percent to scrap it out.  No-bid contracts have been awarded to preferred entities who are rarely ever the least expensive contractors.  Mother and fathers that work in American icons like McDonalds have provided billions of tax subsidies to corporations that ship jobs oversees and pocket the profits.  Pharmaceutical and insurance companies that make providing healthcare to 47 million Americans a pipe dream continue to get billions of dollars from Medicare and Medicaid for inefficiency. 

In his weekly radio address, Gen Obama defiantly stated, “…I know these steps wouldn’t sit well with the special interest and lobbyists who are invested in the old ways of doing business, and I know they’re gearing up for a fight as we speak.  My message to them is this—SO AM I!”

So true class-warfare begins.  Individuals and corporations who slept in President Bush’s tax haven are now rudely awoken, and I’m willing to bet their collective fortune that this disturbance doesn’t have the sunshine of the Caribbean to it.  For once in a very, very long time, a commoner has an offensive weapon in the president of the United States.  May God bless the just!

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